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Everything is assembled dry to aid in checking the fairing of the bulkheads and the bottom as I go along. The fairing process needs to be done well as it is a huge factor in how the boat finally turns out. Several times this week and last I've spent a couple of hours with the new belt sander.

Here is a detail of starboard bulkhead #2 looking forward. This is somewhat modified from the plans to hold the galley bin and to create a cusp to accept the end of the arch. The galley will be a minimal place for storing and cooking food.

The port side bulkhead is similar design. The plans call for a curved section to be sawn out of the side of the

Here the sawn frames are mounted to the bulkhead plywood per the plan. I went ahead and glued and fastened a base piece directly to the bottom and made it a bit higher than called for. This will form the side of a bin for storage under the bunk. Otherwise it constitutes part of frame #2.