The finished sternpost is temporarily fastened to the bottom. The edge will soon be marked for cutting to accept the planking.

Detail showing how the sternpost fits with the rest of the boat. The chine logs are notched to fit around the keelson and then stop so that the sternpost sits directly on top of the stern post. The stem fits in the same manner. This part is ready for final shaping to accept strip planking.

The centerboard trunk is to sit on top of the keelson and be screwed and glued into it. I fit an extra width of wood to create a proper mounting surface for the starboard side of the centerboard trunk. Please note this is a deviation from plans. The reason is to give more flat surface for the centerboard trunk to set on without any overhang.

The two halves of the centerboard trunk are made up of 3/4" marine grade plywood per the plan. Here the logs are fastened to the bottom of the trunk.