A day in Chattanooga

The Delta Queen is still in her berth in Chattanooga as of today

I made a trip across the Walnut Street Bridge to the Stone Cup for a cappuccino.

On the way back I noticed the sailboats all lined up in a row.

We had a dockside breakfast.

The skipper of a trawler came over and chatted with us. He had good words for Raccoon Creek but thoguth that there really wasn't a good anchorage between there and Hales Bar.

Later we went to the Imax theator to see "Galopagos".

Then I got a nice surprise from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

We then wondered past the Hunter Museum of Art and looked at the outdoor sculptures.

Horse made of driftwood. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be cast bronze.

Then we hung out on the boats for a bit.

Some of the river activities.

We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant. The food was great and not real expensive. Plus they had a huge selection of wine.

Walnut Street Bridge at night.