Burns Island to Hales Bar Marina

About 3am I woke up to check the position. I saw the moon fixing to set with a bed of fog in the river. This is a picture that I'm just going to have to paint later from memory as my camera cannot capture it properly.

The fleet woke up to nice fog on the water. This delayed our departure a bit but that was fine with me as I slept a little later than originally planned.

We got going at 10am and arrived shortly at Nickajack Lock.

We locked through with no delays whatsoever in very sharp contrast to our locking through exercise on July 19th. I think that we used up the entire club's lock delay cards on that day so that was definitely not in vain.

About 1/2 hour later we exited the lock into Lake Nickajack.

The sound of freedom after getting done with the lock.

The old truss bridge is being dismantled

We arrived at Hales Bar around noon. The trick for approaching Hales Bar from the south is to veer right about 1 mile south or just north of the I-24 and smaller bridges. Once arriving we figured out where to put the boats. Originally I docked past the floating cabins. But that proved difficult as someone had nailed a piece of plywood into the dock so that it stuck out over the water. I think this was a step on for a specific boat with low topsides such as a pontoon boat. Shortly I moved my boat to the end of the covered slips.

We ate lunch at Hales Bar Restaurant. I had a good hamburger and fries downed with a Corona. The menu has a few things besides hamburgers. The marina had a rustic look to it but I would go there again.

I docked here first but one of us pointed out that a spot at the end of the covered slips would be much more suitable.
Hales Bar Power House

A cute little catboat

We spent the afternoon hanging out.

That evening we had the Brunswick Stew that had been promised the previous night.


1000 - raised anchor

1009 - entered main channel

1045 - sailboat passed going down river

1055 - arrived Nickajack Lock

1118 - commencing lock through

1135 - completed lock through

1151 - passed mm 426.4

1218 - passed under I-24 bridge

1224 - passed under smaller truss bridge

1245 - arrived Hales Bar Marina