Ship's Log Saturday 10-31-09

Another boat was already anchored here or we would have likely taken their spot.

The calm was in sharp contrast to late last night.

1059 Raised anchor

1111 Approaching lock

1132 Locking down

We got our sequence down better. At the end of the lock through when the gate starts opening the horn sounds. At that instant I start the motor, then get the line off the bit, then shove the boat away from the wall and finally put her in gear. As usual there was much less turbulence on the descent.

1156 Mile 423.6

I noticed the water really gurgling downstream from a bouy. I knew we would easily make good time.

1215 Mile 421.0

1245 Passed under Blue Arch bridge better known as the Rt 156 or Shelby Reinhart Bridge.

1307 Passed Bridgeport Island Ferry Boat It was on the otherside. Earlier we had thought it was abandoned. But its not. And it's the only way to get onto Bridgeport Island. Google Satellite indicates that this island consists of nothing except farmland. The Army Corps of Engineers charts refer to it as Bridgeport Island but some of the other historical documentation call it Long Island.

1320 Mile 414.9

1326 Passed under CSX Railroad Bridge

1353 Mile 412.5

1443 Passed Widows Creek Steam Plant

1446 Mile 407.7

1535 Passed under John Snodgrass Bridge

1554 Mile 401.3

1645 Mile 396.8

1654 Passed entrance to Raccoon Creek

1735 Mile 392.1

1743 Mile 391.2

I was on the bow talking on the phone when Debbie slowed the engine down. I noticed it was getting dark and rather quickly. We had maybe 15 minutes to find a suitable anchorage. We looked at the east bank and noticed it was about 28 feet deep up until a boat length from shore. I thought the west bank might be shallower so I tried it. No luck. So I went back to the east bank and dropped anchor in somewhat deeper water than I was hoping for. It worked out ok as the boat quickly assumed the position of pointing up river with the dinghy trailing. When I was finished it was completely dark.

1815 Anchored near Mile 389

1830 Now completely dark.

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