Ship's Log Sunday 10-25-09

We awoke to a fog. A bell near the park docks rang every minute or so.

0935 Left Guntersville State Park

1000 Mile 365.1

1020 Mile 366.7

We passed several duck blinds

1035 Mile 368.1

1140 Mile 373.2

1155 Mile 375.2

1225 Mile 377

An interesting structure. This was presumably used to load and unload barges.

We found many boats like this transiting the river.

1330 Mile 382.3

A heron stands in the water in front of the starting fall folliage.

1350 Mile 384

1412 We passed under Rt 35 Bridge

1440 Mile 388

There were lots of interesting creeks to explore. This is the entrance to Jones Creek. I will have to come back with the Elver to sail these.

We crossed under about a dozen powerlines on the way up. I thought about the seaplanes I saw at the boat show. It seems way too easy to run into these.

The tops of the cooling towers are visible. This plant was built but never activated.

1530 Bellefonte Light and Day Mark

The winds were very light and appeared to be on the nose.

1625 Mile 396.8

Alas the day comes to a close. As we run out of daylight we must find a suitable place to anchor. Tonight we came across the Mead paper mill and had to keep going up river to get past the smell.

1830 Dropped anchor at Mile 405.3

We anchored as close to the bank as possible. The current is almost guaranteed to keep the boat pointing parallel to the bank with the dingy trailing.

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