Day's log for Monday, September 10th, 2001 - Mile 237.8, Tombigbee River, AL

0918 - pulled up both anchors

0923 - passed mile 238.0

0930 - passed mile 239.0

0959 - passed mile 241.5

1025 - passed mile 244.1

1124 - passed mile 249.8

1135 - passed mile 250.8

1205 - passed mile 253.6

1221 - passed mile 255.6

1234 - passed "Johnathan Golding". I had last seen him around mile 80. I asked if I should pass him on the one and he said "that would be most wonderful".

1240 - passed mile 256.6

1323 - passed mile 260.7

1357 - passed "Elizabeth Huger"

1430 - anchored and secured motor below Heflin lock

1450 - diesel at 10 1/8 inches from the top

The lockmaster advised that I would have to wait for about one hour before entering the lock. I estimated that all the locks would take a day's worth of time to get through. When "Selden Hurtt" entered the lock going southbound the skipper advised the lockmaster that he would stay in the lock for a few minutes to work on his reduction gear.

Later, when the lock doors opened some pleasure cruisers steamed out. As promised the towboat stayed in the lock. I sat and listened to the discussion.

Be aware that this is not the exact words but the general meaning

Selden Hurtt: "Let me attend to this for a few minutes."

Lockmaster: "Ok but make it quick."

Selden Hurtt: "I appreciate it"

Lockmaster: "When are you going to be finished?"

Selden Hurtt: "I need a few more minutes. I've got a man down there with a chain fall. I can't move without chopping his hand off."

Later ...

Lockmaster: "You are holding up the lock. We both work for the same company so I'm not saying a word."

Lockmaster: "I really appreciate everyone's patience in this."

Finally Selden Hurtt fixed his problem and moved out. I moved in and completed the lockage.

1545 - completed lockage.

1553 - passed "Rhett Parker" - who was waiting to lock down.

1625 - passed mile 269.8

1642 - passed mile 271.8

1646 - passing a lot of buckweed and water hiacynth

1655 - passing 272.7

1719 - passed 274.9

1739 - passed 277.0

1757 - passed a house at 278.8. It looked like it was covered with a bunch of silvery, gray things. Jim asked me what it was. I looked in the binoculars and found a lot of dear antlers.

1815 - passed mile 280.2

1842 - passed mile 282.9

1854 - passed mile 284.0

1915 - passed mile 286.5

1928 - dropped anchor and secured motor

We passed under several bridges every day. Along this small stretch I saw lots of water hiacinth floating. Note the purple blooms. Near the end of the day I saw a house whose side was covered in deer antler trophies. Also the sun sets on what would turn out to be the last innocent day for a long time.

Among many useful tips that Jim had to offer was that if we ate garlic the mosquitos would not bother us. I love garlic and had it in a lot of dinners. Now I made sure to include it in all dinners. No more mosquito problems.

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