Day's log for Thursday, September 6th, 2001 - Bobby's Fish Camp, Tombigbee River, AL

Said my farewells to "Permanent Vacation". They had passed me yesterday on their way up from Mobile but now had to head back there on one engine because of a blown head gasket.

Took on 23.6 gal of Diesel

0922 - diesel is now 6 1/4 inches from the top.

0936 - left dock

0945 - passed mile 119.4

0957 - hit log on port bow. This resulted in a loud thump but no apparent damage

1031 - passed mile 122.7

1059 - passed mile 124.2

1103 - hit another log on port bow

1137 - passed mile 126.8

1203 - passed mile 128.5

1229 - passed towboat "Gilbert Tayler"

1230 - passed mile 130.2

1240 - passed mile 130.8

At some point this afternoon I saw someone watching me from a pickup truck parked ashore. I waved to him. He waved back and tooted his horn a couple of times. I had a good feeling of being welcomed.

1303 - passed mile 132.2

1347 - passed mile 134.7

1359 - passed "Skimmer"

1415 - passed mile 136.5

1515 - passed mile 139.7

1603 - passed what appeared to be a convention of about 50 cormorants in the water.

1613 - passed mile 143.2

1644 - passed mile 145.2

1705 - passed mile 146.5

1740 - passed mile 148.8

1811 - passed mile 150.4

1835 - observed a really nice rainbow. It had been raining, thundering, and lightning for a while before. Alas I had no camera.

1910 - dropped anchor. I picked a long straight away in the river and anchored along the bank. I set both fore and aft anchors to avoid swinging. I also took soundings as I was aware the river had crested today and was starting to drop. As everywhere else, this was pure wilderness. There was a house or a loading dock for the towboats and barges or a boat ramp every few miles or so but otherwise nothing but trees and ever steepening riverbanks. I traversed this river as a completely independent entity, totally responsible for my welfare, safety, and success.

As it got dark, I surveyed my surroundings. Bugs of every description started paying visits. One insect almost as big as a hummingbird buzzed around my face for a moment. I squinted my eyes and turned to avoid him. He left. I then had dinner and turned in.

Over night a couple of towboats passed. I called both on the VHF to make sure they saw me at anchor and they said I was ok there.

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