Day's log for Saturday, August 11th, 2001 - Sebastian, FL

1000 - I checked thermostat by placing it in a pot of water and heating it up. Ever so slowly, like a time lapse movie of a flower blooming, the thermostat valve began to open. The water was not quite to a boil yet. This is what is supposed to happen in the engine. I put the thermostat back in. I checked the transmission oil - it was not yet dark - good. I found some rust in the cooling manifold. To avoid that, use antifreeze. I added it to my shopping list.

1045 - raised anchor, started motor and got underway

1057 - engine temp ok, showing entire "T"

1120 - GPS speed over ground 5.2 kts. I am running the diesel at 1700 RPM to avoid temp problems.

1134 - passed SM 945

1138 - slowed down briefly for crossing situation

1217 - passed SM 950

I am passing some really good quality real estate. One house I liked had a dome over the porch

1307 - passed SM 955

1318 - temp slowly rising, part of "T" covered up now

1321 - GPS showing 4.7 kts

1401 - passed SM 960

1428 slowed to 1000, did a loop, engine got warmer, then resumed course and speed.

1446 - engine temp almost back to where it was at 1318

1504 - passed SM 965

As I passed through Ft. Pierce, I noted a curious two tone color to the water. This is explained by fresh water laced with tannic acid from the river meeting sea water. Much of the canal system has this tannic acid water which resembles tea. Still, this was bizarre looking. I could see the color change from a distance.

1553 - passed SM 970

1647 - passed SM 975

1649 - noted party boat keeping near me for past hour

1742 - passed SM 980

1758 - passed through Jensen Beach bridge. This entailed slowing down, reversing, then resuming course and speed.

1805 - noted engine cooler. Also running at 1780 RPM

1814 - engine slight speed reduction - to 1700 RPM

1817 - engine temp creeping up

1820 - engine temp steady - still showing "T"

I passed through many bascule bridges like this one. Gradually these are being replaced by high fixed bridges like this one.

1835 - passed through Indian River Bridge. I slowed down, reversed, then resumed normal speed. I started through this bridge before it finished opening, and had to watch my mast to make sure it didn't hit the rising bascules. I resolved that from now on I would not start passing through until the bridge was completely open. I would stop if necessary to wait.

1857 - engine cooler

1859 - made "The Big Turn" to start down the "Okeechobee Waterway".

This is what I want for my next birthday! I think it would be really cool to make the dinghy fly.

1906 - encountering strong counter current, speed by GPS at 3.9 kts

1917 - raised jib for speed boost.

2030 - docked at Northside Marina in Stuart, FL

I went below and noticed that my light seemed really dim. I checked that I did not have my sunglasses on. Then I checked battery voltage - 8v on No. 2. This is really bad! I switched to No. 1 battery. It was fine. I opened the battery bank and noticed that both batteries were hot to the touch. No. 2 was hissing gas and there was a lot of spillage of acid on the top. From recent experience I knew the battery was fried and would have to be replaced. I also noticed more heat than usual coming from around the engine spaces. I opened lazaret hatches to allow it to cool. I had had the stereo on loud all day to hear it above the motor. I decided I had to review the entire electrical system. Some ideas are to 1) remove the battery isolator, 2) get high voltage alarm, 3) look at alternator. I then went to a restaurant for dinner and a drink

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