Day's log for Saturday, August 4th, 2001 - Beach Marine, Jacksonville Beach, FL

I installed the new pump - straight forward. I also fiddled with the stuffing box and did a number of chores.

1513 - left dock.

1518 - passed under BR McCormick Bridge

1555 - passed SM 750

1716 - passed through Palm Valley Bridge

1726 - passed SM 760

1728 - noted engine runs much cooler with new seawater pump

1823 - passed SM 765

1920 - passed SM 770

2030 - passed SM 775. I approached St. Augustine harbor. I passed under the bridge and started looking for sailboats at anchor. I didn't see any. I then considered dropping anchor. However, powerlines sloped up to cross the channel. What if the anchor dragged and allowed the boat to drift down current and the mast touch the lines? This was not good. Plus the light was rapidly failing. I turned around and went back up the ICW.

2107 - dropped anchor north of the highway bridge.

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