Day's log for Tuesday, July 10th, 2001 Tangier Island, VA to Norfolk, VA

0940 - left dock

1100 - raised sails and secured motor

1200 - lit off motor and lowered main and jib

1308 - fix at 37 deg 36.0 min N, 76 deg 4.9 min W

1403 - weather mostly sunny, winds from S at 5 to 10 kts

1410 - fix at 37 deg 30.9 min N, 76 deg 10.6 min W

1600 - passed Wolf Trap Light House

Soon, I came to what is known as a lollypop. This is a series of stakes are placed in a line about 100 yards long. Net is strung along it. Fish are forced to swim along the net until they reach a circle at the end, about 30 feet in diameter. Here they are funneled into the circle where they cannot escape and are then periodically harvested.

1700 - rough sail across Mobjack Bay

2300 - entered Hampton Roads

2330 - dropped anchor in Willoughby Bay

The trip from Tangier was uneventful though rough at times. I was a bit concerned about stowaway cats from Tangier but none appeared. Once I got across the bay I came down past the Piankatank River, past the Western Shore of Virginia. Then crossed Mobjack Bay. Touched bottom once near Plum Tree Pt. Then it got dark. I used Thimble Shoals light house as my guide. Then I proceeded on about 260 toward Hampton Roads. It was extremely nerve racking at this point since I had to navigate in the darkness and be sure I avoided getting near large ships. I was really glad once I dropped anchor. All night I heard the buzz of helicopters.

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