Day's log for Saturday, July 7th, 2001 - Bert Jabin's to Rhode River, MD

1600 departed

1610 arrived at Port Annapolis Fuel Dock. Had to wait turn. The channel was almost totally gridlocked with boats

1630 Tied up at fuel dock and took on 34 gallons of diesel.

1640 Departed fuel dock and proceeded to the Severn River

1650 Entered Severn River and turned toward Chesapeake Bay

1700 Noted increasing wind from the south and heavy chop

1800 Severe chop making it difficult to proceed. Andrea Lynn is hobby horsing and being slowed down by the 3-4 ft breaking waves. Windspeed is reported at Thomas Pt Shoal Light at 21kts. This is the most difficult since September, 1999 when I went to Baltimore for a race. I raised the mizzen to improve stability and kept the motor at 1800 RPMs for the whole time.

1930 Passed Thomas Pt. Shoal Light and headed for Rhode River

2030 Anchored in Rhode River.

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